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Upcoming events in support of the library

We are currently planning an evening talk with music with guest Jeni Hankins. This will provisionally be on Friday 5th June, but in these uncertain times may have to be re-arranged. Watch this space for further details.

Courses and workshops provided by North Yorkshire County Council Adult Learning and Skills Service:

Creative writing course

Would you like to get back into writing? Do you have an interest in local myths, legends or folktales? Are you unsure of where to start or do you lack self-confidence? A FREE 4 week myths, legends and folktales course could be the perfect course for you. The course provides an opportunity to read and interpret a range of local myths, legends and folktales in a relaxed environment.

We are currently arranging this course for the near future on Tuesday mornings. Watch this space for dates, but please contact the library if interested.

Learn to Knit course

A FREE course of 4 two-hour sessions covering casting on and the basic stiches. A minimum number is required in order for this course to be arranged. Please contact the library if interested


The following FREE workshops are currently in the planning stage and dependant on achieving a minimum number of participants. For more information and to book a place please contact the library.

Awareness of Bereavement and Loss

Awareness of Dementia

Mental Health Awareness – this is being held on Tuesday 24th March at 9.30am. There are stioll spaces available. Please contact the library.

Awareness of Autism

Displays in the library

There is nothing planned at present.

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